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Hip-hop artists are some of our most successful business leaders, but most media coverage on them usually just skims the surface. Trapital solves this by digging deeper. Each story breaks down the strategic moves that shape the industry. As hip-hop’s influence grows on society, we need a reliable source to explain the moves that drive the culture.

Read about how much it costs J. Cole to maintain one of the most loyal fanbases in hip-hop. Understand how Drake created a Walmart-Procter Gamble style relationship with the music streaming services. Take a trip down memory lane and learn about how Damon Dash brought rap concerts back by controlling the media narrative.

Several Trapital stories have been featured on MediaREDEF, Flipboard, and LinkedIn’s Must Read Series, and Twitter’s top music writing of 2018. Here are a few testimonials from Trapital readers:

“I’m an industry insider but I can’t from, I really enjoy the content even when if goes against one of our marquee artists (Future). I’ve shared a great deal of your posts and look forward to see what you have up your sleeves.”
- Cory Sparks, Director of National Urban Promotions, Epic Records

“Dan's ability to tell hip-hop stories with an eye for the business is very unique.  The newsletters are timely but still read fresh weeks after their publication.  Trapital's insights are very important to the discourse surrounding the most popular genre in our industry.”
- Jacques Morel, On-Air Correspondent, Genius News

"It was impossible to find a focused weekly deep-dive into the business of hip-hop before Trapital. I really appreciate how Dan cuts through the noise with data, timely context, and an encyclopedic knowledge of how our culture works." 
- Noah Chestnut, Director of Product, Bleacher Report

“I enjoy reading about culture. And music. And business. Somehow Trapital combines all of those subjects into regular essays that almost always make me look at the world in a new way. Huge learning curve from this newsletter. And fun to read!”
- Andy Weissman, Partner, Union Square Ventures

"Dan is my go-to guy for all things music. Dan takes readers backstage and guides them through the business of Hip-Hop. As the world transforms and the music industry changes, I depend on Dan for fresh perspectives. Can’t say enough good things about Trapital." - David Perell, Founder, North Star Media

"It's well known that hip hop culture touches all aspects of our lives. Less discussed is how the business of hip hop acts as a leading indicator of where broader business trends, particularly in tech and media. Trapital studies these insights, with the lens of insider yet make them accessible to all with crisp, yet detailed analysis. Dan’s insights are unique and relevant to anyone looking to stay current on the big trends in business."
Khe Hy, Founder of RadReads, Contributing Editor, Quartz at Work

“Dan’s writing is approachable without sacrificing intellectual and analytical quality. As a consumer of hip-hop, I noticed the swift rise of the proper as they became just as famous as artists. Dan also takes me down memory lane *Darkchild! Darkchild!*
- Carmen Mays Founder, Elevators on 4th

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I live in San Francisco, California. I earned my MBA from University of Michigan, Ross School of Business, and my B.S. from Quinnipiac University.

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